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TIMECAR, the fleet manager by Ntaxi

Timecar is a fleet management system especially designed for the taxi sector, based on Cloud technology, which makes it possible to fully optimise the management of requests and booking of services. A high performance solution, accessible from a web browser on any PC or a device with an internet connection, it has a clear and intuitive interface, making it possible to use without the need for complex technical knowledge.

What does Timecar include?

  • Taxi driver management: personal data, invoicing data, qualifications, licence data, personalised services (Card, Eurotaxi, Wi-Fi, others) and the history of services provided.
  • Service management: consult details of services/bookings, taxi driver data, client data, service data, route of the service on the map and history of changes in service status.
  • Consult future bookings: consult details of the booking and modify the date and time of booking.
  • Special options: allocation from the panel of a service or booking, to a licence.

How does it work?

Timecar makes it possible to monitor the status and location of the fleet in real time and allocate requests, to obtain the best performance at the lowest possible price, avoiding unnecessary journeys and reducing the consumption of fuel, thanks to its geolocation allocation system.

Timecar has an innovative procedure for allocating services, which can be fully configured for each area, according to different criteria such as: Allocation to the closest, allocation to the one who has been in the zone for the longest time, allocation to stops (in the order of entering the stop), allocation to the closest (if there are no vehicles at the stop), allocation to fleets of third parties or in other areas, etc.

What benefits does Timecar offer?

If you belong to the taxi sector, Timecar is the quickest and most effective way to get the information needed to optimise your business, getting the most out of your fleet, with a smaller investment that other solutions on the market.

Also, its modern booking system can be configured in order to register a normal service at stops, a specific time before the service, or booking can be accepted by taxi drivers “X” hours before the service. This information is sent to the user of the mobile application to make the service more efficient.

Thanks to Timecar, your radio station can speed up route management, substantially increasing the number of services provided, reducing the work load at the call centre and boosting satisfaction rates of users, both of the drivers and the end users of the taxi.

TIMECAR, also for drivers

With the Timecar App for drivers, taxi drivers can have access to the following information at all times:

  • Consult stops in the area
  • Receive services
  • Configuration of shifts and rest breaks
  • Bookings
  • Taxi status: occupied or free
  • Send and receive messages from the call centre
  • History of services provided
  • Payment through the application (if using Ntaxi)
  • Location on map of the position of other taxis in the fleet

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